Children join our Bumblebee room around the age of 2 years old.  Visits are arranged with their keyworker to help them familiarise themselves with their soon to be new space. During this time children explore their new room and form bonds with a new keyworker who will then arrange a home visit with you.

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (EYFS) where children’s learning journeys are tracked and continue their ‘Celebration of Achievement’ folders which come with them as they progress through the setting.

The nursery practitioners will provide a selection of appropriate experiences, and the children will choose what they want to do. Practitioners plan the experiences based on the EYFS development matters stages and with the current interests and abilities of the children in mind. Our partnerships with parents enable us to share information both informally and formally. It is paramount to us that children make choices about their own learning journeys where possible. This includes decision making about whether they want to be indoors or outside exploring their environment.  We value parents input into planning for their child and it is very much a two way process.

Children experience a wide range of activities exploring their senses through messy play, creative music and movement and story time. The Bumblebees have a daily routine which is a guide to the day. Examples include self registration, planned experience times, mealtimes, physical time, and rest periods.

We celebrate a diverse range of cultures by learning about world festivals and encouraging all of our families to share photographs, artifacts and experiences with us so we can all gain an insight and develop a wealth of knowledge of how others live.

We develop children’s confidence in developing self care skills such as toileting and hand washing. Children are encouraged to clean their teeth after lunchtimes, and we work closely with parents to establish consistent routines for children. When your child is showing readiness, we will support them and you in making toilet training a stress free and enjoyable transisiton for everyone!

As children begin to develop confidence in thier own independance, they are encouraged to help serve themselves at mealtimes, and hand eye co-ordination in using cutlery is also supported. Sleep beds with individual bedding is available for those children that nap after lunchtime, and quiet, restful activities are arranged for those who choose not to sleep.