Babies learn from the environment where they live, and at Puffins we offer an enriching environment for babies and young children to thrive and develop to their full potential. Experienced, knowledgeable staff take on homely routines, building strong bonds with the family. Individual care routines are followed as closely as possible and are discussed with parents throughout the settling in process.

Babies are encouraged through a variety of sensory experiences, which are carefully planned to fill their time with a mix of excitment, joy and restfulness. One to one time with adults is a key part of our approach, as well as group time for babies to develop key communication skills.

Treasure baskets are for the use of seated non moving babies to develop their senses and to help them gain knowledge and understanding of the world around them. Once moving, heuristic play is introduced for children to experiment with the natural objects.

Sleep areas, where babies have their own cot and bedding, are kept calm and relaxing, and sleeping children are checked visually every 10mins. Care routines, such as nappy changing, are done in response to individual needs of each child, and staff use this time to interact with the children and continue to build a respectful and trusting relationship. All staff in our babyrooms have received specialist baby training, and we do not allow any untrained staff to engage in personal care routines with babies.

Babies are taken outside on a daily basis, so they can see the outdoor world and beautiful gardens where they can play and connect with the environment. Each setting has double buggies to take the children further afield to the park, local shops and other places of interest.

As babies grow and develop, staff respond to their changing needs and adapt experiences and routines to encourage and prepare them for the next step. Home books are used to record significant achievements and messages between the setting and home. All children are observed to assess their progress against the Early Years Foundation Stage, and this is documented and shared with families through our Celebration of Acheivement Files. These then progress through the setting with the children to track their learning journey.