At your nursery

Although each of our settings are uniquely individual, in order to maintain our high levels of quality each nursery works closely with support from our highly qualified team of Early Years Professionals and Teachers based out of our Head Office. This enables us to ensure standardisation across our provision, and to allow settings to work closely together to share good practice.

There are many different names for the types of setting that offer parents solutions to the care and education of young children, and these can include nurseries, childcare centres, children’s centres, childminders, playgroups, preschools, nursery schools or nursery classes. Each of these different names mean no difference in the standard of the service they provide, as all have to implement the Early Years Foundation Stage.

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is a comprehensive statutory framework that sets the standards for the learning, development and care of children from birth to five.

All providers are required to use the EYFS to ensure that whatever setting parents choose, they can be confident their child will receive a quality experience that supports their care, learning and development.

Further information about the EYFS can be found here.