What’s included

At Puffins, we aim to make life as easy as possible for parents, as we appreciate that getting a household organised in the morning can be a mammouth task! That’s why we provide everything your child needs throughout the day, including meals and snacks, Pampers nappies, milk and formula milk.

When you begin visits, our staff will spend time asking you about your child’s routine, including what dietary requirements they have, and we will provide the same formula milk that you use at home, as well as bottles and teats which are all maintained using our sterilising equipment provided in each of our Milk Prep kitchens.

If, however, you are breast feeding, we can provide facilities to store your milk safely to give via bottles, or areas for privacy should you want to return to nursery to breast feed during the day.

All you need to bring with your child is spare clothes, named, and outdoor protection such as a coat and hat. During the summer months we also ask parents to provide suncream so that we can continue to take the children outside.

All of our settings, including our Holiday Club, go on regular trips and outings to local parks, Paignton Zoo, the museum and other local interest areas. These outings are also fully covered in our fees.

At Puffins, we do not offer extra charge curricular activites, as these are all part of our everyday practice, and staff provide children with a variety of experiences including structured music and movement sessions, baby sign, baby massage, Leap into Life (physical movement programme) and Letters and Sounds (pre-literacy skills programme).